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QCon Shanghai 2014 Conference


Date: Oct. 16th to 18th , 2014

Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention Center, China

Audience: Technical Team Leaders, Architects, Project Managers, Senior Engineers

Size: 1000 more attendees

Website: 2014.qconshanghai.com



QCon, one of the top global tech conferences that hosted by InfoQ, to be convened in San Francisco, New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo and St. Paul annually. Since the first term by March 2007, there have been over 10,000 architects, project managers, team leaders and advanced developers from traditional manufacturing industry, financial, telecommunications, Internet, aerospace and so on who attended our event.

In this spirit that “boosting software development knowledge and diffusing innovation achievements”, we keep up our QCon features but also deploy special topic for software development community conditions in Shanghai with contents based on practices and full of instructive. As organizer, InfoQ would try the best to provide distinguished learning contents, but also supply ideal exchange opportunities.


QCon Shanghai 2014 lecturers and producers introduction (random list order)


QCon participants reviews

  • Wenbin Wang, vice president of merchants business and open platform of Taobao.com ,QCon hosted by InfoQ is actually a high-quality event, and keep on discussing the latest techs and best practices of Internet technologies. Besides inviting the domestic gurus,there would be also some overseas big fishes coming. Don’t let it slip away, technical guys.
  • Yongqiang Wu, CTO of Qunar.com,The relationship between InfoQ, including QCon, and me has lasted for years, I love its style a lot – flexible, fast, useful. InfoQ.org, QCon and “Architects” magazine all go close with the very leading edge of Internet technologies, bring us a bunch of best practices, extremely helpful for us developing enterprises.
  • Weihua Yang, Chief Architect of Sina Microblog,The QCon conferences hosted by InfoQ all over the world are absolute annually grand events. The whole tech community would obtain lots of inspires related to R & D, our Sina Microblog technical architecture also receive impressive experiences from the previous speeches.
  • Dahun Feng, CTO of dxy.cn,InfoQ is really popular in technosphere. After years of contacting, I received lot of valuable information from InfoQ.org, got many technical mentalities from “Architects” magazine and made the acquaintance of plenty of peer friends via InfoQ’s QCon event.
  • Jianqiang Chi, vice president of IT application Academy of Beijing Reyoo Tech Co., Ltd., Yonyou Software Co., Ltd.QCon brings us the very atmosphere that should be among technical programmers – no position difference, we are all equal in front of technology. Wear whatever you want, talk whatever you interest in, wonderful! By the way, all participants love the two meals, no doubt about that.



  • Ruby Liu | Conference Director
  • Tyler Cui | Speaker Management

Tel/Fax: +8610 6473 8142

Email: qcon@cn.infoq.com